Welcome to Padypady

In our company the circle of improvement is happening at a faster rate than ever before, this is the right time to work with us..

We are a true Nigerian brand, we act global and we respond locally, each time you come in contact with us, you will learn to know us, work with us and love us, because in everything we do, we do it with passion, innovation and perseverance.

Things We Love
We love value driven projects, good project managers, better team leaders and cooperative customers and partners, we love to create new things from design, to engineering, to development and commissioning, we are an all round best team to work with

Our People
Padypady is unique with its people, as our key growth strategy relies on our recruitment, we ensure that not only those who are capable can work with us, but those who make better use of time, with better customer approach and the right skill sets.

Our Customers
Our customers spans across diverse sectors, covering clients in need of better, time friendly and cost effective services relating to business development, software development, branding, large and small format printings, media publications, advertising and business mentorship & coaching

Jolli & Franklin Amadike
(Customer Support Team)

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